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The Australian Achiever Awards


We are proud to announce that Complete PC Solutions has received a score of 93.57% for customer satisfaction by the Australian Achiever Awards.

The Australian Achiever awards

The Australian Achiever awards is an independent company dedicated to evaluating customer service and rewarding businesses who do it well.  From their beginnings in 1998 The Australian Achiever Awards deals with businesses in every industry across Australia and is highly regarded as a national stamp of approval for any business in pursuit of good customer service.

Good customer service is the keystone to a well-run business.  It is as vital to a large public company as it is to a panel-beater.

How its scored

Australian Achiever Awards surveyed our customer base, assessing their comments across seven key areas. These areas are listed below:

  • Time related service
  • Addressing client needs
  • Care and attention
  • Value
  • Attitude
  • Communication
  • Overall Perception

A final score of above 80% is regarded as exceptional and reflects outstanding customer service

Customer Testimonials

The Australian Achiever awards surveyed our customers to get an idea of how we treat our own. Below are some of the comments they received about us.

Anonymous Customer 1

“We are very happy with the excellent advice, troubleshooting and customer service, we have received from Complete PC Solutions over the last 14 years. We confidently look forward to continuing to do business with them long into the future.”

Anonymous Customer 2

“Their overall service is great. In particular their maintenance schedule because their work is done in the timeframe given and always within their quotes. They also let us know well in advance if something is about to fail so it can be quickly fixed without our systems having any downtime.”

Anonymous Customer 3

“We are very happy with our service team from Complete PC Solutions. The work they do for us is very good, they are always on time and professional in their
approach to our problems in the way they work around our needs.”

Australian Achiever Award 2015 Gold Logo

We are of course very happy with this result and proud to see that our customers value our services. We intend step it up even more this year providing a new range of services for our current and future customers.

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