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Two-factor authentication (2FA)


Two-factor authentication (2FA), sometimes referred to as two-step verification or dual-factor authentication, is a security process in which users provide two different ‘authentication factors’ to verify themselves. This process is done to better protect both the user’s credentials and the resources the user can access. Two-factor authentication provides a higher level of security than authentication methods that depend on single-factor authentication, in which the user provides only one factor — typically, a password or passcode. Two-factor authentication methods rely on a user providing a password, as well as a second factor, usually either a security token, SMS or a biometric factor, such as a fingerprint or facial scan.


2FA  adds an additional layer of security to the authentication process by making it harder for attackers to gain access to a person’s devices or online accounts because knowing the victim’s password alone is not enough to pass the authentication check. 2FA has long been used to control access to sensitive systems and data, and online service providers are increasingly using 2FA to protect their users’ credentials from being used by hackers who have stolen a password database or used phishing campaigns to obtain user passwords.


^Phishing is a form of fraud in which an attacker masquerades as a reputable entity or person in email or other…


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At Complete PC Solutions, we understand your business systems are crucial to your success. DID YOU KNOW THAT we can provide you with a range of Managed Services and tools to assist you to develop a business IT solution which is focused on achieving your goals. Together we can tailor a powerful business IT support solution for your business.

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MailGuard CEO Luncheon


Complete PC Solutions directors Frank and Daniel attended MailGuard CEO Luncheon to hear from Steve Miller SMB Director at Microsoft Australia, Alastair MacGibbon Special Adviser to the Prime Minister for Cyber Security and Craig McDonald CEO & Founder of MailGuard about the rise of Cyber crime. Read more about Surviving the Rise of Cybercrime from Craig McDonald recently released book. Which can be download for free by clicking here.


Cost-benefit of outsourcing your IT Department


As a small business owner in Melbourne, you may have considered outsourcing some of your business activities. Many businesses have started to question whether they actually need a full time IT staff or they should instead look to Managed IT Support Services to fill the gap.

In this article, we will outline some of the costs and benefits of outsourcing your IT Department.


The business benefit of upgrading to Windows 10 explained


The new and improved Windows 10 was released in July of 2015. Now, almost a year later the version has grown in popularity with Windows 10 operating on over 20% of all Windows PCs.

Exceeding all expectations Windows 10 looks like the version we have all been waiting for. For business this is exciting opportunity to upgrade to a truly innovative system.


Why small business need a cloud backup strategy

Data loss has cost Australian businesses 65.5 Billion dollars last year.

According to a survey conducted as part of the EMC Global Data Protection Index 64 percent of Australian business have experienced data loss due to a disaster or disruption. When the surveyors investigated, they found that business who have experienced a disruption experienced a 54% loss in employee productivity and a loss of revenue of 44%.

That is nearly half of business overall revenue. And for a small business, this could be devastating.


Why should you use Hosted VOiP Phone System for your business


For many, communication is a necessity for their business. Especially if your business is focused on regular customer and client exchanges.

The newest in phone systems for business is the Hosted VOiP service.


The Australian Achiever Awards


We are proud to announce that Complete PC Solutions has received a score of 93.57% for customer satisfaction by the Australian Achiever Awards.

The Australian Achiever awards

The Australian Achiever awards is an independent company dedicated to evaluating customer service and rewarding businesses who do it well.  From their beginnings in 1998 The Australian Achiever Awards deals with businesses in every industry across Australia and is highly regarded as a national stamp of approval for any business in pursuit of good customer service.

Good customer service is the keystone to a well-run business.  It is as vital to a large public company as it is to a panel-beater.


Mobile POS Systems for Retail Concession Stores


Concession stores face unique challenges. Often faced with limited counter space, if a brand wants to make use of their own point-of-sale technology, they need to resort to something small and portable. This often has meant notebooks or tablets which present issues of their own. Fortunately we’ve found the perfect solution, something that’s mobile, intuitive, and powerful. Since we first discovered them, we’ve been recommending HP’s Mobile POS Solution as the ultimate tech for concession stores.


New Office IT Setup: Hope Dermatology


We were asked to help Hope Dermatology set up their new clinic in South Melbourne. Setting up a brand new business with all of their IT requirements is no small task, but a lot of fun, setting up new technology. Of course when you’re assisting a medical business in keeping people healthy, it’s important to get it right the first time.


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