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The business benefit of upgrading to Windows 10 explained


The new and improved Windows 10 was released in July of 2015. Now, almost a year later the version has grown in popularity with Windows 10 operating on over 20% of all Windows PCs.

Exceeding all expectations Windows 10 looks like the version we have all been waiting for. For business this is exciting opportunity to upgrade to a truly innovative system.

What are my choices

If you are a business considering upgrading to Windows 10 you will need to decide on the type of operating system to employ. Like previous versions, Windows 10 comes in three main types.

Windows 10 Home: This is for the everyday user and is the most basic PC version. While possible to use for business purposes we wouldn’t recommend it.

Windows 10 Pro: This version has been specifically created for small to medium sized businesses employing many features to help organisation run more efficiently.

Windows 10 Enterprise: This is for your larger organisations and offers extra management features. Typically the enterprise version is overkill for most small to medium companies.

Windows 10 Professional

Windows 10 professional is well suited to small to medium-sized businesses who don’t need all the features that Windows Enterprise comes with. Here are some of the new features included in Windows 10 Pro.

Remote Desktop:

This handy feature gives you the ability to remotely access other PC’s that operate Windows 10 Pro. As you can imagine this has many practical applications. Your IT expert now doesn’t have to be everywhere at any time and can access and solve your problem without walking from desk to desk.

If instead, you employ an IT support service they will be able to access your computer remotely solving minor problems without the hassle of talking you through the problem on the phone.

Of course, anyone acessing your PC will need the necessary permissions and passwords.


Microsoft has been well aware of the security concerns businesses have expressed with previous versions. BitLocker seeks to solve this problem by encrypting your drive adding an extra layer of protection from potential hackers.

No Forced Updates

One of the most significant differences between Windows Home and Pro is the defer updates option. The professional version will allow to defer unwanted updates while Home will automatically update your PC. Microsoft has added this feature so businesses are not forced to suffer buggy updates.

Windows 10 going back to basics

The release of windows 8 back in 2012 saw Microsoft create an entirely new design for their start menu. This major change to the basics made many users unhappy and Microsoft soon realised their misstep. Now, Windows 10 is going back to basics blending together the best parts of Windows 8 and previous designs. When user’s power up their new versions they will be presently surprised by the familiar interface. Complete with a start menu, Windows 10 supports optional tiles found in Windows 8 but doesn’t force you to use them.


Other Features:

  • Group Policy Management
  • Access to the windows 10 store
  • Edge (Microsoft’s new web browser)
  • Cortana

Free Upgrade

Luckily for customers, Microsoft will be offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 up until July 30th 2016.  Contact us at Complete PC Solutions to jump on this opportunity!

“With this free update, we have reached the point in the platform’s maturity where we can confidently recommend Windows 10 deployment to whole organisations,” Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group

We hope you have found this article helpful. If your business would like some assistance in upgrading to Windows 10 we can help. Simply call us on 1300 78 99 66 or Click here.

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