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The Australian Achiever Awards


We are proud to announce that Complete PC Solutions has received a score of 93.57% for customer satisfaction by the Australian Achiever Awards.

The Australian Achiever awards

The Australian Achiever awards is an independent company dedicated to evaluating customer service and rewarding businesses who do it well.  From their beginnings in 1998 The Australian Achiever Awards deals with businesses in every industry across Australia and is highly regarded as a national stamp of approval for any business in pursuit of good customer service.

Good customer service is the keystone to a well-run business.  It is as vital to a large public company as it is to a panel-beater.


2011 Australian Achiever


Complete PC Solutions has been awarded the Australian Achiever for Excellence in Customer Service for 2011. Complete PC Solutions has been in operation for the past 13 years. In this time it has established itself as one of the leading corporate information technology companies in Melbourne, Victoria.


Motivational Gurus Guide Complete PC Solutions


No.9 was insulated by the not-for-profit sector during the downturn. Complete PC Solutions managing director Frank Triantafyllou is a strong believer in motivational gurus.


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