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Hosted Exchange

Connect your team with our Hosted Exchange solution and access essential contact details, files, appointments and more from the cloud. Our solution guarantees the safety of your data; providing back ups without having to manage local servers.

Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Files. Shared.

Our Hosted Exchange solution is a powerful tool for teams to collaborate. It allows you to manage contacts, calendars, tasks and email from your desk or out and about. The benefits of cloud are clear; your data is safe, backed up and none of the hassle associated with managing servers. Drive down your hosting costs and increase your profitability.

Mobile Access

Don’t be tied to your desk. ActiveSync for iPhone, Windows devices and Android lets you send and receive email, access appointments and collaborate with staff when you’re on the go.

Desktop Access

Microsoft Outlook and Exchange are the perfect match. Unlock all the features and functionality of Outlook with Hosted Exchange.

Web Access

Login from anywhere to the secure Outlook Web App and manage your email, calendar and tasks. Plus, get instant updates to the desktop and mobile devices.

Hosted Exchange Benefits

Our Hosted Exchange brings real-world benefits to your business.

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