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Internet Business Grade

Speed up your business with the latest in high speed business grade internet from Connexus. Reduce the time spent downloading and waiting for pages to load with business grade internet.

Business Grade Internet from Connexus

Connexus has been providing business grade internet to businesses since 1989, and Complete PC Solutions has been a Connexus partner since 2001.

For over 20 Years, Connexus has been building it’s business on the foundation on four words: Performance, Reliability, Security and Support.
Connexus provides business with options for connectivity and networking that provide fast, safe communication and data exchange across multiple sites and between thousands of individuals.

Customers experience exceptionally fast internet connection speeds due to a 1:1 bandwidth access ratio (meaning their access is unshared) and the speed of the internet capacity is maintained.

Connexus help desk operates 7 days a week and based out of Melbourne. With experienced help desk stuff which have an IT technical background, can easily run you through troubleshooting steps over the phone. This is there point of difference over the larger ISP’s which outsource there help desk overseas.

ADSL Internet

Performance. Reliability. Speed. Slow internet speeds means wasted hours – waiting for files and search results to download. At Connexus we employ a performance standard that sets us apart from our competitors. For starters, we maintain an international internet backbone capacity in excess of 1 gigabit per second.

Symmetric Internet

Our SHDSL service represents value for money providing business with a high speed solution for web and email servers, or applications such as remote access, video conferencing or VoIP. SHDSL is a robust, reliable service utilising existing copper telephone wire infrastructure readily available to CBD and metropolitan based businesses and regional centres.

Ethernet Internet

Secure. Dedicated. Uncontended. When it comes to internet connectivity – our obsession is SPEED! Connexus employs a combination of fibre optic and copper technology for its Ethernet service which allows us to deliver data speeds of up to 40Mbps.

Hybrid Internet

The Challenge: Deliver superior speeds & resilience utilizing existing technology & infrastructure. The Solution: Connexus Hybrid (ADSL3). With speeds up to 30Mbps/11Mbps the Hybrid solution certainly delivers on speed which makes it ideal for businesses utilising content applications, remote backup, co-location or operating multi-site offices.

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