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No.9 was insulated by the not-for-profit sector during the downturn. Complete PC Solutions managing director Frank Triantafyllou is a strong believer in motivational gurus.

With the help of Anthony Robbins and the like he says he was better able to ignore all the negativity surrounding the global financial crisis last year and focus on what he needed to do.

“They taught me if you want to be wealthy stop watching the news. I just ignore the media.” It’s a strategy that appears to be working with the company’s revenues increasing by about 75 percent for the year.

A major boost came after signing on two large not-for-profit organisations, Beyond Blue and Knox School, which were the source of most new revenue for the company last year.

Triantafyllou says he wants more not-for-profits on the book.

“They weren’t affected by the GFC. They have no owner saying, ‘We have to tighten down a bit’.”

All up the company added 25 customers throughout the year, compared to 10 the year before. Its vendor partners include Microsoft, IBM, HP, Lenovo and Trend Micro.

Several were in real estate, an area which Triantafyllou expects will become increasingly important for the company.

On the technology side, Complete PC Solutions is looking to expand its presence in the virtualisation market. Last year it made its foray into the space after helping fashion label Witchery implement VMware.

This year Triantafyllou says the company is looking to enter the mobility space, where he sees opportunities around the emerging tablet or “pad” market, especially in industries such as real estate.

“Mobility is an important driver and I really see a future for the ‘pad’ concept from a mobility perspective.”

Triantafyllou says Complete PC Solutions is on target to make $4 million this year.

By David Binning on Nov 15, 2010 1:03 PM, CRN Australia

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