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Hyper-V and Windows Server 2012: Dimension Imaging


When a small businesses needs to improve their IT, there’s often an opportunity present to streamline the existing technology being used. Simplifying and consolidating can save time and money for everyone involved, and can often be part of an upgrade process.

The team at Dimension Imaging, print manufacturers in Bayswater, Victoria, saw the need to upgrade from Windows Server 2003, because Microsoft no longer supports it. Unsupported technology like this can be unstable, unreliable, and a significant security risk. To keep their information secure they needed to adopt a newer version of Windows Server.

Previously Dimension Imaging had been using two servers, one for emails and one for their customer database. Their old server hardware needed to be replaced to able to run their new platform, Windows Server 2012. This presented the opportunity to merge the two server functions into one physical server.

To do this, we used Hyper-V to create a virtual server. This separated the two functions into standalone environments, while running on the same hardware. Because of this, the upgrade was much more affordable and efficient. Dimension Imaging now has one less physical server in their office, with improved security and reliability. They’re operating as normal, but with better technology in the background keeping them running.

photo credit: IMAG0648 via photopin (license)

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