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Complete PC Solutions has specialized in Software licensing for over 10 years. We are Microsoft Licensing experts with access to 10 different Microsoft licensing programs we will provide you with a solution which best meets your requirements.

We offer a large range of Anti-Virus Software solutions; McAfee, Sophos, Symantec & Trend Micro.

Thinking of consolidating your IT environment and virtualising your Servers, speak to our Software licensing team about how VMWare can help you achieve this. Contact us now about your software requirements.


Complete PC Solutions supplied Palmer Corporation very reliable computer equipment, which included 4 Servers, 80 PC’s for the Corporate Office and 15 IBM Computers used as Point of Sale PC’s for the JAG retail stores. They also supplied other hardware peripherals and software.

Carolyn Jones, IT Support Analysis, Palmer Corporation


Below are some of our software partners.

















Trend Micro





VM Ware


AI Group Burson Auto South Oakleigh College
Shaver Shop VIS The Knox School

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