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Managed IT Services – 10 Things You Must Check

1. Do They Have Proven Experience?

The last thing any business needs is to have a Managed IT Service provider that’s learning on the fly. They need an Managed IT Service provider that has direct, long-standing experience in the services they’ve decided to outsource.
Complete PC Solutions has been operating as a Managed IT Service provider in Melbourne since 1997 and have provided the reliable business IT support that every business looks for. Complete PC have evolved with and embraced new technologies as they have emerged and have been able to grow and adapt with along with their clients business needs.

2. Proactive After Hours Maintenance of Servers and Desktops.

With the constant threat of security exploits Microsoft updates, service packs, and security patches are critical to any business. At Complete PC we perform all these tasks proactively after-hours to ensure you have no downtime during business hours. These updates are the problem-prevention part of why managed services works. If you load the fixes before you have the problems, we can save incredible amounts of time and grief.

3. Daily Backup Monitoring.

Making sure you have working backups can be a chore. It seems that something is always not quite right, or some file has been skipped. Taking care of your backups is a regular daily function when you subscribe to a Complete PC, Managed IT Services solution. Backups are automatically checked and any problems addressed the same day. Periodic test restores are also executed to make sure data is retrievable. Complete PC also offers Cloud Backup which is monitored daily and located in Australia.

4. Unlimited Technical Support.

With the demands of business in this day and age to remain online, it is important that support is there when you need it most.
At Complete PC our Managed IT Services packages include support provided by email, web, phone, and remote access. All of your staff can get in contact directly with our staff any time, any day, to resolve any problems that might occur.

5. Onsite maintenance and support.

With the vast remote support software available, some MSP’s see onsite visits as a thing of the past. Not at Complete PC Solutions! Our Managed IT Services include monthly pro-active onsite maintenance visits regardless of whether there are any problems. You pay one fee each month and it covers all remote and onsite support.

6. Third Party Vendor Assistance.

Are you tired of calling four different vendors to get something done? At Complete PC Solutions if you are with our preferred vendors we will take ownership of the problem for you and work with them to get the issue resolved. This offering alone can save hours of time and grief for an administrative person at your company.

7. Guaranteed Response Time

Most commonly referred to as Service Level Agreements (SLA), they are important to make sure your needs are met in getting issues resolved. This is a must to any Managed IT Services offering! Complete PC Solutions have set response times for during regular hours, after-hours, on weekends, and even holidays. We pride ourselves on maintaining the standards in order to provide you the best possible service.

8. Network Documentation and Auditing

Wouldn’t it be valuable to have a well documented-network? At Complete PC Solutions we provide an annual review of your network and document all servers and desktops. Knowing what technology is where, its specifications, and its age can also provide great advantages to the planning and budgeting process.

9. Reliable Team

Investing in a Managed IT Service is like recruiting some more members into your team. It is important that the people you meet during the sales process will be the people who will be running your service. This is certainly the case at Complete PC Solutions, Frank and Daniel (Directors) will be involved in the management of your service from the beginning and beyond and can be contacted at any time. Upon beginning any of our Managed IT Services we will bring our technical team to you so you get to know and trust them..
We not only focus on what technologies are available but more so what the technologies can do for your business. We understand that every business is different and will therefore customize solutions to best meet your needs.

10. Monthly Maintenance Reporting

How do you know if your managed IT services provider is really earning it’s keep? This comes through reporting. At Complete PC we record what maintenance has been completed during that month, and the overall health of your network. It is important to know how your systems are running smoothly and it identify any areas of the network that may require change.




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