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Mobile POS Systems for Retail Concession Stores


Concession stores face unique challenges. Often faced with limited counter space, if a brand wants to make use of their own point-of-sale technology, they need to resort to something small and portable. This often has meant notebooks or tablets which present issues of their own. Fortunately we’ve found the perfect solution, something that’s mobile, intuitive, and powerful. Since we first discovered them, we’ve been recommending HP’s Mobile POS Solution as the ultimate tech for concession stores.

Complete with the Retail Jacket and Retail Dock, these tablets allow for barcode scanning inventory logging, loyalty program interactions, emailing, document viewing and more. Retail staff can make use of any online resources when talking to customers, including checking other stores inventory, accessing contact details, and sending marketing collateral to customers. Anything that a modern tablet device is capable of, these will do with ease. Last year we rolled out HP ElitePad’s to Seed, French Connection and Ninewest concession stores in every Myer department store in Australia. Over December 2015’s peak retail period these stores have been winning sales with the best available technology at their disposal.

HP’s Mobile POS Solution is fitted with a 4G SIM card. This means the device can be fully configured before being shipped to the store. In other words all necessary information your outlet requires can be loaded into the devise. The net result of this convenient feature is a decrease in the amount of time needed to train staff and an easy out of the box use.

If the device encounters any technical difficulties it can also be accessed remotely from head office to ensure consistency of troubleshooting. But even if the difficulties are too much for Head Office to handle HP also includes a 3 year, onsite warranty. This is a huge boost in dependability, as it also eliminates potential complications with postage or delays.

These numerous benefits have placed HP’s Mobile POS Solution in demand. The device has been taken up worldwide and appears to be a growing trend. So if you have been looking for an effective solution for a mobile POS system we suggest contacting us regarding HP’s Mobile POS Solution.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Mobile POS Systems you can contact us on 1300 78 99 66 or click here.

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