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New Office IT Setup: Hope Dermatology


We were asked to help Hope Dermatology set up their new clinic in South Melbourne. Setting up a brand new business with all of their IT requirements is no small task, but a lot of fun, setting up new technology. Of course when you’re assisting a medical business in keeping people healthy, it’s important to get it right the first time.

Part of the clinic’s requirements were setting up a server to run all their essential tools; email, desktops and printers, and medical database software. We chose to use HP technology because in our experience it has proven to be reliable over a long period of time, far exceeding their warranties. We split up one physical HP server into three virtual servers, using Microsoft’s Hyper V virtualisation, to keep their physical IT hardware as compact and efficient as possible.

Rather than waste resources on individual computers, we set up HP Thin Clients for each consultant to run using the shared server’s processing power. We set these up with a multi-level user security system to keep every consultant and patient’s information as secure as possible. We also helped get their online presence started with domain name registration and setting up their web hosting. We also set Hope Dermatology with Office 365 for email and a set of HP printers.

Hope Dermatology were able to get right down to the business the moment they opened, treating South Melbourne and its’ surrounds with excellent technology behind them. We’re proud to have been a part of starting their brand new venture from scratch, and we’re looking forward to an ongoing relationship with them as a Managed IT Service client.

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