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Upgrading to Office 365: Dangerfield Exley Lawyers


We’re seeing small businesses increasingly looking to adopt cloud solutions. If you want to be flexible and mobile, you need to be able to access your email and documents while you’re out of the office. Especially for sales, consulting and business service providers, you need to have all your digital resources and tools available no matter where you are.

Dangerfield Exley Lawyers guarantee responses to their clients within 24 hours. They saw the opportunity to embrace cloud software when their legal firm software, LEAP, gave them remote access to documents, accounting and billing. But while LEAP now gave them access to many business functions remotely, they needed to have access to their existing email system to be able to truly work from wherever they were.

They had been using Microsoft Exchange as an email solution, so transitioning to Office 365 was an obvious choice. We were contacted to help them make a smooth, hiccup-free move to the new system. We used a solution called Skykick to replicate and migrate all of their existing accounts, emails and contacts to Office 365. No functionality was lost during the transition, and there was no interruption to their operations. As far as Dangerfield Exley’s clients were concerned, the only change they might have noticed was even faster access to Dangerfield Exley Lawyers’ advice and services.

Dangerfield Exley Lawyers are based in Melbourne, on St. Kilda Road. But now their team can work with 100% functionality from the office, their home, a client meeting or an airport lobby. This flexibility translates to better productivity, working conditions and customer relationships. No longer tied to an office server, they’re operating beyond what was previously possible. We’re proud to have helped them take the leap to Office 365.

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